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Fire Emblem Heroes Cheats Tool – Supports all iOS and Android Devices

Herlin March 13, 2018 No Comments Games, News

The time has come that we can present you the best ever Fire Emblem Heroes Cheats. It does not require a password or any downloads. Instead of this you will have to visit a website where you can configure the resource generator. Afterwards you will be able to run it and make some easy progress in Fire Emblem Heroes. Most of the players just get bored in the late game as everything begins to take a lot of your time. By this they want to make you invest your money to skip the waiting times easily. Compared to the prices the resources will be gone much too quickly so this is no option at all.

Why should you put hundreds of dollars in a free to play game? There is no reason to do this except to support the developers. If you are aiming for faster progress then it will be the better solution to use the Fire Emblem Heroes Cheats & Hack. As it is by far the best way to get free resources for anybody. There are no special skills required to use this tool successfully.

The advantages

Using the online cheats tool for Fire Emblem Heroes has some nice benefits that you surely don‘t want to miss. Mostly the “alternatives” that you can find on the internet will turn out to not work at all. So make sure to use the link below to get redirected to the generator.

  • It can generate more resources than any other tool.
  • It is and will always be free to use.
  • There will be no need to download anything onto your PC or smartphone.
  • Always up to date to support the latest game version.
  • Outstanding support that will answer all your questions.
  • Compatible to all available iOS and Android devices without any exceptions.

fire emblem heroes units

General Informations

Fire Emblem Heroes includes a lot of heroes which can help you to rescue the world once you collected them. Each hero has different characteristics like weapon and movement type. Try to mix up your team with melees, ranged and magicians as this will be much more effective then having only one of the classes. The more stars a hero has the less time you will have to invest into him to make him as strong as possible. Otherwise you would need to spend feathers and orbs for the hero to give him the needed strength. If you struggle to get all the heroes you want try it again after using the Fire Emblem Heroes Orbs generator tool.

Upgrade your Castle

Once you have used enough of the resources to build a powerful team, then it will be time to upgrade your Castle. This will grant all your units a permanent experience boost of up to 100%. Below you can see all the available boosts and how many orbs you will have to pay for it. During the whole game the experience boost is going to save you a lot of time and nerves.

Torchlit Castle - Boost EXP earned by 20%1
Torchlit Castle - Boost EXP earned by 40%2
Torchlit Castle - Boost EXP earned by 60%5
Torchlit Castle - Boost EXP earned by 80%8
Torchlit Castle - Boost EXP earned by 100%10

fire emblem heroes online cheats and hack

What to do with duplicated Allies

Merge Allies

When you summon new allies with all the free resources you get from the Fire Emblem Heroes Cheats then you will have several options what to do with the duplicated heroes. If you merge a lower star rarity hero with a higher star rarity hero it will only give you SP. Rather merge heroes of the same star rarity as your hero will gain increased stats as well as reduced feather costs.

Send them home

Sending characters home is a very easy way to gain additional feathers but you should make sure to use it only if you don’t want them in your team anymore. The amount of feathers is determined by the star rarity of the hero you are going to send home.

Star RarityAmount of Feathers
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